• Naminya village Buikwe District in Uganda East Africa
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Kidron Christian primary school.

We believe that education is the key to improve the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) by giving them a chance for a better future through providing education to the vulnerable children in the community  

Prision Inmates

We provide items to the prisoners such as blankets, soap, shoes and clothes, medicine. We provide counseling and encourage them to live as good citizens after they finish their sentence.  

Economic empowerement

Here we hatch the eggs and give chicks to the community members to grow chicken. We breed piggery and distribute piglets out to community members. All these are done to reduce the level of poverty among the community members. Education seminars are carried out on crop rotation in gardens. We are in need of our

Kidron Health Centre

We offer both direct medication to orphans and the community. Through sensitizing on HIV/AIDS, we educate the community on reproductive health, hygiene & sanitation. We conduct medical camps in rural villages. Linkages and referrals are also carried out to patients with complicated issues like cancer but most of the treatment is provided at the on

kidron children’s Home

We care for orphaned and abandoned babies and children from age of one day up to 18 years. We support mainly a girl child because they are less valued in Africa. Being a girl and at the same time an orphan, they are more vulnerable in the society where by some guardians even push these

Forestry Project

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